Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – box of 6



  • TO THE EYE: clear, shiny, orange-red liquid
  • ON THE NOSE: Typical of vinegar, cider
  • TASTE: Cider, sour

OUR TIPS: In a salad, with oysters

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Our organic cider vinegars are made from organic cider. In an acetate, cider alcohol is transformed into acetic acid, component of cider vinegar (5%).

The apples used for the production of cider are grown in our orchards in organic farming in Ducy-Ste-Marguerite in the Bessin in Normandy.

TYPE OF PACKAGING: Box of 6 bottles of 75cl

Weight: about 10kg

Additional information

Weight 9 kg

Acetization of organic cider


Acetic acid> 5% vol / 0 to 0.5% vol residual alcohol


Box of 6 bottles

Labels / certifications

Flavors of Normandy, Organic farming

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