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All the products from Domaine de La Flaguerie/Les Vergers de Ducy are certified AB from organic farming. These products are on sale at our shop, online and through our partners and distributors (restaurants, hotels, bars, shops…).

Organic ciders

The ciders from Les Vergers de Ducy are a blend of cider apple varieties: bitter, bitter-sweet, sweet and slightly acid – all from our orchards. The knowhow and experience of our cellar master determines the precise ratio of each variety based on fruit ripeness and desired taste.

Choose from half-dry, dry, extra-dry, pink and sweet ciders.

Organic apple juice

Our apple juice is made with varieties of sweet cider apples such as Petit Jaune and Judo grown in our orchard. The Apple Juice is bottled and pasteurized on the estate.

Sparkling apple juice

At any time of the day, festive and convivial, perfect for children’s birthday parties, it can be enjoyed plain or in cocktails. Our handmade sparkling apple juice is 100% pure juice with no added sugar.

cider vinegar

Produced from our organic cider passed through an acetator to allow bacterium to transform alcohol into acetic acid.
It is the oldest remedy in the world! In addition to its thousand and one virtues, it is appreciated in salad and marries beautifully with oysters.

Gold Medal

Normandy Cider Competition
– Sweet cider (fresh cider) 2019
– Demi-sec cider (2019)
– Organic demi-sec cider (2018)

Saint-Jean des Ciders Competition
– Dry cider (2016)
– Demi-sec cider (2014)

Silver medal

Normandy Cider Competition
– Sweet cider (fresh cider) 2020
– Pink Cider (2019)

Saint-Jean des Ciders Competition
– Demi-sec cider (2015,2011)

Bronze medal

2004 Saint-Jean des Ciders Competition
– Organic dry cider

Silver Medal 2020

Saint-Jean des Ciders Competition

Gold Medal 2015

– The Cambremer Meetings
– Saint-Jean des Ciders competition

Silver Medal 2018

Normandy Cider Competition

Normandy pommel

This extremely good Norman aperitif is made of a mix of calvados and apple must, aged for at least 14 months in oak barrels.

This appetizer is characterized by aromas of candid apples, flowers and dried fruit. Well balanced, with a long finish, Pommeau de Normandie is served as an aperitif or to accompany a dessert.


ice cider

Ice cider is made of frozen apple must. Ice crystals impact the fermentation process raising the alcohol content 9 to 10%, well above a typical cider.

Ice cider is sugary, sweet and fruity, it will please a sweet tooth.



Calvados is made of apple brandy aged in oak barrels. Flavours, mouthfeel and taste depend on the age. Young Calvados is fruitier and livelier on the palate. XO or Hors d’Age Calvados are woodier, softer and smoother.

Calvados from the youngest to the oldest:
Fine (2 years), Old (4 years), VSOP (6 years), Hors d’Age or XO (10 years), Hors d’Age 15 years, Hors d’Age 30 years


Apple Brandy (or La Blanche) is the alcohol collected from the distillation process. Leaving the still, apple brandy is as clear as water, but stronger!

Very fruity, 50% alcohol, La Blanche is perfect for Normand cocktails.


Bronze Medal 2019, 2015

– Cambremer AOC/AOP Festival
– The Cambremer Meetings

Gold Medal 2008

General Agricultural Competition

Gold Medal 2020

Normandy Cider Competition

Gold Medal 2020

Calvados VSOP

– Cambremer AOC/AOP Festival (2019)
– The Cambremer Meetings (2016)

Old Calvados
– Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Silver medal

Calvados Hors d’Age 15 years

– General Agricultural Competition 2020
– World Calvados Awards 2020

Old Calvados
– Cambremer AOC/AOP Festival 2019
– The 2015 Cambremer Meetings

Calvados Hors d’Age XO
– Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2017

Calvados VSOP
– Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2016< image

Bronze medal

Cambremer AOC/AOP Festival
– Calvados Hors d’Age XO (2019)

The Cambremer Meetings
– Calvados VSOP (2017)
– Calvados Hors d’Age XO (2015)

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