Cupid is going to pass on February 14, and you don’t have to forget to offer a gift to the chosen one of your heart. What could be more romantic than offering your heart in a pretty bottle?

– La Flaguerie ice cider, fruity and refined, in the same red color as the toffee apple, will satisfy your taste buds before a candlelit dinner.

– The Elixir de la Flaguerie, which bears its name well, made from exotic fruits and Calvados.

– Rosé cider from Vergers de Ducy (to illustrate your vision of life in pink with your soul mate) to pair with chocolates.

– The Pommeau de la Flaguerie, with its delicate aromas of Calvados and the sweetness of apple juice, has something to seduce as an aperitif (with a bouquet of flowers!)

We love you !

The Vergers de Ducy team

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