Are you looking for gift ideas for Christmas? We have what it takes for the whole family!

An ice cider : Its syrupy and complex side will accompany the dishes of this end of the year to perfection (foie gras). This product is still little known in France, a great discovery!

An out-of-age Calvados La Flaguerie (10 years): the perfect gift for the end-of-year celebrations for lovers of eau-de-vie to be enjoyed plain, with dark chocolate or as an accompaniment to a cigar.

Un 44 : 3 advantages: Make your guests guess the recipe, a historical Norman arranged cocktail to discover, and it can be used for New Year’s Eve.

A box with a Rosé cider, a fresh cider, a Pommeau : There is something for all tastes and colors! As a bonus, it’s easy to transport.

A Pommeau box with two glasses : immediately opened, immediately tasted!

Child’s snack basket : a bottle of sparkling apple juice, an apple jelly of your choice, a sachet of Isigny caramels, a box of Abbey biscuits and a jar of honey of your choice

A Fine Calvados La Flaguerie : for cooking fans or cocktail creators looking for new flavors

Everything is available in store!