The management of our orchards, in accordance with the organic production method since 1998, as well as our know-how, allow us to offer you a complete range of products that you can find in our shop or at our partners (restaurants, hotels, bars and shops .)

Our ciders

Vergers de Ducy cider is the result of a blend of different varieties of cider apples: bitter, bittersweet, sweet and acidulous. All come from our orchards and are mixed by our specialists.

Choose from semi-dry, brut, extra-brut cider.

Semi-Sec Cider

Extra Brut Cider

Our Calvados AOC

Calvados is the result of aging cider brandy in oak barrels. Aromas, mouthfeel and taste depend on its age. Young Calvados are more fruity and lively on the palate. The Hors d’Age are woody, softer and mellow.

From youngest to oldest:
Fine (2 years), Old (4 years), VSOP (6 years), Hors d’Age or XO (10 years), Hors d’Age 15 years, Hors d’Age 30 years

Fine Calvados
Old Calvados

Calvados VSOP

Calvados Hors d’Age XO

Vintage Calvados
For more information on our vintage Calvados, please contact us.
Our juices
Apple juice

Our apple juice comes from the pressing of sweet cider apple varieties such as Petit Jaune and Judor produced in our orchards. The apple juice is pasteurized and bottled at the estate.

Sparkling apple juice

At any time of the day. Festive and friendly, ideal for parties and birthday parties, it can be enjoyed plain or in a cocktail. Our artisanal sparkling apple juice is pure juice, 100% organic and without added sugar.

Our aperitifs
Normandy pommel

The Pommeau de Normandie is the Norman aperitif par excellence. It is a mixture of Calvados and apple must which is aged in oak barrels for at least 14 months.

This aperitif is characterized by aromas of candied apple, with floral and dried fruit touches. Well balanced with a long finish, Pommeau des Vergers de Ducy can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to dessert.


Ice Cider

Ice cider is obtained by the cryogenization of apple must. Ice crystals influence fermentation, resulting in a slightly higher alcohol content than classic ciders (9-10%).

Sweet, syrupy and very fruity, it is perfect for sweet palates!


Our cider vinegar

It is produced from our organic cider which is passed through an acetate converter where the action of bacteria (Acetobacters) will transform the cider alcohol into acetic acid, a component of cider vinegar (5%).

It is the oldest remedy in the world! In addition to its thousand and one virtues, cider vinegar can be enjoyed in salads or as an oyster seasoning.

Our apple jellies

Our apple jellies are obtained by extracting the juice from our organic apples followed by cooking.
To vary the pleasures, we offer 5 different flavors.

Which scent do you prefer?
– The simplicity of our natural jelly
– The exoticism of our lemon jelly
– The aroma of our calvados jelly
– The sweetness of our cinnamon jelly
– The tartness of our orange jelly?