Are you looking for something special and norman to offer for Christmas? We may have some great ideas!

An Ice cider : perfect for those who have sweet tooth, a nice discovery!

A calvados XO La Flaguerie (10 years aging) : brandy drinkers would love this product ! You can appreciate it into a coffe during winter mornings to warm you up.

A 44 : Make your friends, family or guests guess how is made this Traditional Norman cocktail. Best clue : lot of 44 pieces of things.

A gift box which includes a pink cider, a fraicheur cider, a Pommeau: for all kinf od taste and colors! Easy to carry.

A gift box Pommeau with two glasses : immediately opened, ouvert, immediately enjoyed!

A gift basket for children : a spirkling apple juice, an apple jelly, a box of caramels, a box of biscuits from Les biscuits de l’Abbaye and an honey pot.

A Calvados Fine VS La Flaguerie : for cookers or cocktails inventors who are looking for new savours

Everything is available is our workshop!